A conversation with Zalman Goldberg, Founder of GotBitachon and The Besuros Tovos App. 

What drove you do become involved in bitachon, and this current project?

Initially, I got involved with studying Bitachon when one of my adult study partners, requested that we study shaar habitachon, the most basic and famous work on Bitachon. It quickly turned into a shiur which initially people were excited about.

People like Bitachon because meant to bring good results, I.e. a better life.

The participants were always pushing me to do various  projects, like the daily videos.

From the Rebbe's writings, it is Crystal clear that focusing on the "besuros tovos" is perhaps the most powerful tool to make BItachon a part of our life.  

One of the things that drove me to pursue these projects is not only to help people achieve a better life, but to help them accomplish this through the spectacles of Chassidus. Chassidus has a very specific and beautiful view on Bitachon, and I think that it's beneficial for people to learn this.

What is the end result you hope to see in the individual? in the project?

The end result would be a relaxed and focused life, with a positive Torah outlook, in EVERY situation in life.

I would like the project to eventually reach as many yidden as possible, as this is applicable to every single yid.